The Towing Service in Bend, OR to Call First!

Your Escort Off the Side of the Road–Bend Towing


Have you ever had a tow truck service so fast that they ended up waiting on you? That’s the next-level towing service that we strive for. We’ll be there in a heartbeat! Maybe not that fast, but close to it. Being stranded is no fun and whoever you call for help needs to be reliable and on time. You can trust us to be there for you in no time. When drivers are stranded, they give us a call to get them off the side of the road and on with their lives. Bend Towing’s first concern is your safety. We respond expeditiously–speedy and efficient–to your call! Any of our tow service experts with 50 years of towing experience will come to the rescue. You may just be “stranded” in your driveway. Wherever your vehicle is parked, we can come to pick up the both of you.

Tow Trucks You Can Trust!

Our tow trucks are light at the end of the tunnel. Whatever reason you’re calling Bend’s Towing, you’ll be happy (and surprised) to see us so soon. Lock-outs, battery jumps, and empty fuel tanks are just a few of the roadside services we provide. All major insurance and roadside assistance companies (AAA, AGERO, State Farm, All State) use our experts to We’re a team of friendly professionals with a fleet of quality tow trucks. Our service expertise makes us this area’s preferred tow truck service provider. We look forward to being your go-to tow truck service and your answer in a time of need.

Bend Towing Service to the Rescue!

Bend Towing in Bend, OR is quick and efficient. Those are two of the most important qualities for a towing service. Our customers call us first because they know their wait time will be minimal. Getting your vehicle towed to a repair shop as soon as possible is our specialty. We’re for you in a variety of other ways! Call us if you get locked out of your car, need a battery jump, or run out of gas. Either way you need assistance and that’s exactly what we’re here for. Give us a call today at 541-588-0149 for an immediate tow. Our team is on standby, waiting for your emergency or any of your towing service needs.