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50 Years of Towing Experience

Bend Towing in Bend, OR provides its customers the best quality services every time. We want you to know we care about your needs, long before we ever show up or any money exchanges hands. Towing service is about properly handling your vehicle as we bring it to whatever destination you choose. But Bend Towing is about more than that! We perform any towing and recovery service you need to get you back on schedule. Our tow trucks are usually showing up when life has seemed to stop you in your tracks. Let our experts get you back to what you were doing before the keys were locked in the car, gas tank went dry, or the engine overheated. You can figure out your next step with our assistance. We’ll take you and your vehicle wherever you need to go and/or get you back on the road. Bend, OR drivers who find themselves in need of quality towing services choose our friendly and professional experts every time.

Expert Towing Services You Can Trust!

We understand that any call for a tow truck is an interruption to your busy day. You want to get back on track and that exactly what we can do for you. Restoring peace and relieving anxiety is often the job of a tow truck. You need a service that we provide and we’ve kept our experts fully-trained and abreast of all the latest technologies. Bend Towing knows how to perform services using the latest innovations to keep you receiving above average services. Our towing service experts provide services and tows with excellence, meaning they’re done right the first time! Make sure you get your towing services from the Bend Towing experts. When you call our shop, it’s like calling family. We have your back, and we’re always thinking about maintaining your vehicle’s excellent condition. Our vehicle tows are handled with care.

From Your Call to Your Pick-Up & Drop-Off–We Care!

No other towing service in Central Oregon performs our expert-level service. We will always protect your vehicle’s body and its mechanical systems. The transfer of any vehicle under our care is handled with precision. Trust the Bend Towing specialists to provide you with services that you can trust. We protect the quality and condition of your vehicle by using our decades of experience. We’re the next level of towing expertise and you can trust us to go above and beyond for our customers. Give us a call at 541-588-0149 whenever you need towing services. Our team will be there in no time to get you back to your normal routine.