Impound Policy

Here at Bend Towing & Recovery, we are very excited about the future of our hometown business and our relationship with the community as a whole. One of the more unfortunate, and our least favorite business practices is that of performing parking enforcement. We have many business clients who contract with our company for the enforcement of their no parking policies. These include but are not limited to fire lanes, handicap parking, and their community, posted, no parking zones. Due to the small parking lots and minimal parking requirements established by Deschutes County and the City of Bend for new construction as well as the exploding population growth of new apartment complexes and Oregon State University-Bend campus, it puts a tremendous pressure on parking spaces within the business community at large surrounding many of these areas as well as permanent residents and patrons of the businesses in these complexes and that’s where we come in.

All parking that we are asked to patrol for enforcement are well marked and drivers are told that if they park in a tow away zone, their vehicle is likely going to be impounded. Many times we are simply called away from our day-to-day activities by the managers of these properties to perform our contractual duties and we must respond.

An impounded vehicle can incur several expenses including hookup, the use of dollies for AWD or 4X4 vehicles, towing mileage both ways and storage from the minute it arrives in the yard. These expenses can easily top $200.

What do I do if my vehicle has been impounded? Most people find their vehicle is missing when they come back to where they parked it. If they know they are in a no parking zone and it is posted, some will call us directly. Others will call the City of Bend police department whom we have notified and they will be directed to our impound yard. You can call us directly at 541-588-0149 for directions to the yard and we will meet you there to release your vehicle.

Please be courteous to the individual releasing your vehicle. In many instances, this is not the person who was asked to tow it away and we understand how mad and inconvenienced this event has made you. We are simply doing our job and were not the ones who parked your vehicle for you causing the inconvenience. In addition, all conversations in the impound yard are under surveillance, and threats will be handled by the City of Bend police department quickly.

On a positive note, if your vehicle breaks down and you must leave it for a short period of time, please call us and we’ll be happy to help you get it towed home or to a repair shop. If need be, please leave a note on the windshield and we’ll routinely check on your vehicle for a short period of time while you have it removed or repaired. We know people run out of fuel or have car problems. Bend Towing & Recovery is here to be part of the solution, we do not want to add to the problem you already have.